Eyelash/Eyebrow Extension

Outstanding beauty services for the face and body in Wellington

At Dezire Salon we are proud to offer a range of beauty services for the face and body in Wellington. These services include Make-up, Eye treatments, Silk/Mink lash extensions, Mink Eyebrow Extensions and Waxing. One of our favoured products is RefectoCil, for eyebrow and eyelash tinting. You can be assured there is no animal testing involved. 

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extension

Love your lashes with Professional Silk/Mink lash extension
Enhance your eyes look and youthfulness!
Eyelash extensions are for eveyday wear and special occassions. Our trained proffessionals will extend your lashes by applying synthetic silk/mink lash extensions directly onto your own natural eyelashes, one at the time. Various lengths, curls, thicknesses and colours available for a customised look. These lashes are safe for skin, eyes and contact lenses. Just like real lashes, they are resistant to water, heat, pool chlorine and perspiration.
Create longer and fuller abundant eyelashes that will last up to 4 weeks before maintenance is required.
Every treatment includes Collagen eye treatment - The spa for your eyes! 
Time will vary depending on the amount of lashes required. 
  • Full set 90mins - $125
  • Half set 60mins - $85
  • Top up 2 weekly 45mins - $55
  • Top up 3 weekly 60mins - $68

Eyebrow Extension 3D - NEW!

The most natural look for eyebrow!

Eyebrow Extensions 3D are a NEW Invention for the Eyebrow Shape.

Made from Synthetic Mink material that have a realistic feel and finish with a subtle matt finish and flexible
A revolutionary technique allowing our Therapists to create voulme, correct over tweezed, and over waxed Eyebrows.

Benefits: Fill in gaps, Add volume, Correct mistakes, Cover scars and Water resistant.

Maintenance: Recommend every fornight to top-up.
NOTE: Applied with recommended NEW formula Medical Grade Glue. Lowest Irritation and Lowest Fumes. Designed for Clients with chemical allergies and sensitive skin. 
  • Full set + Shape 90mins - $115
  • Full set 75mins - $90
  • Top up 2 weekly 45mins - $58
  • Top up 3 weekly 60mins - $68

Temporary Eyelash Extension

This Temporary Flare Lash Extension will last up to 10-14 days
  • Flare Lash Extension Full Set 30mins - $55
  • Flare Lash Extension Top-up 15-30mins - from $35

Eye Treatment

  • Eyebrow shape - $22
  • Eyebrow tint - $20
  • Eyebrow shape and tint - $38
  • Eyelash tint - $28
  • Eyebrow shape and lash tint - $45
  • Eyebrow shape, tint and lash tint - $60
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